Joey Neal

Joey says honestly, he can’t believe that he’s been in the radio business for over 20 years. It all started when he was 17 and looking for a cool job site for my Career Placement class. Once he stepped foot into the radio station, he was hooked. Joey fell in love with two things while in high school…radio and a cute cheerleader named Amanda. Luckily neither has kicked him to the curb yet! Over the years Joey’s had had the privilege of making days a bit better by playing music and telling stories. Also, he and Amanda have given two of the most amazing kids a forever home, and their lives are full!

Jack Kelly

As a young boy growing up in Nebraska Jack loved listening to KOMA in Oklahoma City. It was a 50,000 watt AM powerhouse that covered 12 states at nighttime, and was one of the most listened-to radio station in America. Little did he know that one day he’d work at KOMA and be heard by all those kids like him, growing up in the Midwest listening! Here we are many years later and Jack says he feels so blessed to be able to continue with what he loves most, being on the radio!

DB Cooper

DB Cooper: Radio has always been a passion for DB. He knew at age 12 that this was his life’s work! At 16 it became a reality! For the next 45 years, this magical radio carpet ride would allow DB to work almost every musical genre including a decade in sports talk.  He speaks three-and-a-half languages very badly (Japanese, Hindi, and Spanglish). He also loves encouraging youth to follow their dreams.  As a SAG/AFTRA member, you may have seen DB’s face or heard his voice on advertising for some of your favorite products. DB says: Thank you so much for listening!

Tony Scott

TONY SCOTT : It all began with a knock on the radio station door of the American Forces Network in Taiwan, where a 17-year-old Tony Scott had moved with his family. That led to Tony working for some of America’s biggest radio stations. When not behind the mike Tony continues his delusional fantasy of being an Olympic skier, watching football, hitting as many concerts as he possibly can, and raising champion Golden Retrievers.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper pioneered a grandly theatrical brand of hard rock that was designed to shock. Drawing equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock, the group created a stage show that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood and boa constrictors. He continues to tour regularly, performing shows worldwide with the dark and horror-themed theatrics that he’s best known for.

With a schedule that includes six months each year on the road, Alice Cooper brings his own brand of rock psycho-drama to fans both old and new, enjoying it as much as the audience does. Known as the architect of shock-rock, Cooper (in both the original Alice Cooper band and as a solo artist) has rattled the cages and undermined the authority of generations of guardians of the status quo, continuing to surprise fans and exude danger at every turn, like a great horror movie, even in an era where CNN can present real life shocking images.

Cooper was born in Detroit Michigan, and moved to Phoenix with his family. The Alice Cooper band formed while they were all in high school in Phoenix, and was discovered in 1969 by Frank Zappa in Los Angeles, where he signed them to his record label. Their collaboration with young record producer Bob Ezrin led to the break-through third album “Love It to Death” which hit the charts in 1971, followed by “Killer,” “School’s Out,” ”Billion Dollar Babies,” and “Muscle of Love.” Each new album release was accompanied by a bigger and more elaborate touring stage show. 1974 saw the release of a “Greatest Hits” album, and then Cooper, in 1975, released his first solo album, “Welcome to My Nightmare” in 1975, accompanied by the legendary groundbreaking theatrical Welcome to My Nightmare concert tour.

Associated with that album and tour was the ground-breaking network TV special Alice Cooper: The Nightmare. Other film and television appearances include The Muppet Show, Mae West’s last film Sextette, Roadie, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearst Club Band and appearances on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show. The original band also made an appearance in the movie Diary of a Mad Housewife in 1979, filmed the full-length feature film Good To See You Again Alice Cooper, and Alice appeared in a 1972 episode of The Snoop Sisters.

Alice’s solo career skyrocketed in the late 1970’s, with a succession of hit singles, including “You & Me,” and classic albums, including “Lace And Whiskey” and “From The Inside,” and bigger and even more elaborate concert tours.

In the ‘80’s Cooper explored different sounds, highlighted by the new wavish album “Flush The Fashion,” the heavy metal “Constrictor” and “Raise Your Fist And Yell,” and then 1989’s melodic hard rock album “Trash,” which featured the massive hit single “Poison” and became his biggest selling album and single worldwide. During this period Alice also appeared in the horror films Monster Dog and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, and recorded songs for the soundtracks to Roadie, Class of 1984, Friday the 13 Part VI: Jason Lives and Wes Craven’s Shocker.

Cooper’s most memorable movie appearance was as himself in Wayne’s World in 1991. He also played (fittingly) Freddy Krueger’s wicked step-father in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, and appeared on Gene Wilder’s TV series Something Wilder as well as on That ‘70’s Show. The 90’s also saw the release of the albums “Hey Stoopid,” “The Last Temptation,” and “Fistful of Alice,” a live album.

1999 saw the release of the definitive historical 4 CD box set “The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper,” from Rhino/Warners.

In the new millenium, Cooper has been very productive and busy, writing, recording and releasing the albums “Brutal Planet,” “Dragon Town,” “The Eyes of Alice Cooper,” “Dirty Diamonds,” “Along Came a Spider,” and 2011’s “Welcome 2 My Nightmare,” plus “Old School 1964-1974,” a box set celebrating the original band.

Alice has been touring consistently, year in and year out, averaging over 80 concerts annually, both within the USA and internationally, with his band which features the three guitar attack of guitarists Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss, and Tommy Henriksen, plus the rhythm section of drummer Glen Sobel and longtime bassist Chuck Garric.

He also wrote and published a memoir, “Golf Monster,” in 2007, which tracked his life from childhood to rock stardom, and his journey from alcoholic to golf addict, and was featured in the Tim Burton film “Dark Shadows” in 2012.

Alice’s 2011 album “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” featured a return to his partnership with longtime collaborator, producer Bob Ezrin, as well as contributions from former original Alice Cooper bandmates Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Brucem and a return to the themes of the iconic 1975 “Welcome To My Nightmare” album.

Alice, Dennis, Neal, Michael, and the late Glen Buxton (posthumously) were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in March, 2011.

2014 saw the release of “Super Duper Alice Cooper,” a documentary detailing the arc of Alice’s rollercoaster ride in the world of rock superstardom. Directed and produced by the same team from Banger Films that delivered the award-winning Iron Maiden and Rush documentaries, it premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, and has since been released on Blu-Ray and DVD by Eagle Rock Entertainment

With his influence on rock & roll long since acknowledged, there is little that Alice Cooper hasn’t achieved in his remarkable career, including platinum albums, sold-out tours and any number of honors and career achievement awards.

As he heads back out on the concert trail each year, Cooper insists he’s still motivated to continue touring and recording albums, as well as making time for such side projects as Cooper’stown (his Phoenix-based restaurant/sports bar) and his “Nights With Alice Cooper” nightly radio show, syndicated domestically and worldwide on over 100 stations.

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Since the first time he heard The Beatles and Rolling Stones on the radio, Shark’s never been the same. Working in radio since 1989, Shark has experience in Rock, Country, Talk Radio, and news reporting. He has written over 400 Rock History segments and over 100 stories concerning recording artists. He’s also interviewed a huge list of Rockers. Shark loves sharing music with listeners along with his unbelievable resources of Rock and Roll history, and current day as well. You may learn something new whenever he’s on the air.

Scott Walker

Dylan: For almost four decades, Dylan has been on the air lovin’ doing radio shows. Classic Rock music and artists have inspired Dylan since he was a young child. Dylan’s voice can be heard on a variety of TV and radio ads. In his spare time he enjoys collecting and researching music, working on his car, and tuning up his guitars. 

Randy Fuller

CARL RUSSO: (12a-5a) Carl grew up with plenty of street & strip drag racing, stock car racing, and playing musical instruments and having a good time. He would then apply that energy into rock & roll and a career in radio. A major market radio personality, TV personality, and radio station owner, he did it all. His sense of civic duty was also a priority for Carl wherever he went. He served as a fireman in many cities where he’s worked.

Marty & Shannon

MARTY & SHANNON: (5a-9a) Shannon grew up in the 80’s, a child of hippies and music lovers. She was listening to the Beatles and Janis Joplin while her friends were listening to New Kids on the Block.  It’s what her dad called her “Early Music Education.” She’s a sci-fi nerd who loves anything Star Trek/Star Wars/Doctor Who-ish. Shannon married her college sweetheart, Ted, and got two beautiful step-daughters from the marriage, and then added one from scratch. She’s a proud autism mom. Her daughter is the light of her life who continues to teach her how to be a better person on a daily basis. Oh, and sometimes she forgets to change out of her “house crocs” and wears them in public.
Marty has four loves in life: His three children, and racing!  Put him in a go-kart and he’s a happy boy. Put him in the stands with a Coors Light, and he’s in heaven. Marty loves watching sports and knows heartbreak as a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan. He’s done everything from club DJ to late night disc jockey in his 30-year career. The past sixteen years working with Shannon have obviously been his best in the business (Shannon *may* be writing this bio).  And according to Marty pineapple does not belong on pizza.

Marty & Shannon's Latest Blog Post: Test Blog 3

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McKenzie Rae

MCKENZIE RAE: (9a-2p) McKenzie hit the ground running in a major market with her very first job over thirty years ago. Writing, producing, programming, and being a top rated personality, she’s done it all. McKenzie’s a big fan of the outdoors. Exercising, walking her dogs, playing softball, and spending time with her daughter. She likes all kinds of music but has a passion mostly for classic rock. Led Zeppelin, Rush, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen are what she grew up with so they bring back fond memories.

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Dan Mitchell

DAN MITCHELL: (2p-7p) Dan has been in radio for 40 years. His love of music began in the 60's when he’d hear the latest hits on the Jukebox at his father's Pool Hall. He was hooked! Dan decided in 7th grade that he wanted to be a disc jockey and never let go of that dream. He started his career in his hometown of Denver in the summer of 1980 and spent the next 36 years on the air in the same city he grew up in. He's been married to his lovely wife Kathleen since January of 81. They have a son and a daughter and two granddaughters! Dan is an avid basketball player, movie watcher and classic car lover.

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